Why Food By Felicia?

Food is sensual, beautiful, and tantalizing. It brings people together, it’s a way to express love and gratitude. We are absolutely in love with the art of food, which is why we are so passionate about it.

Our Food

We prepare all of our deeply flavorful, satisfying, and memorable dishes using the freshest ingredients. Food by Felicia offers innovation, quality, and creativity, to your special event. Sit back and enjoy with no worries.


What makes us different?

There is love and passion behind every one of our creations. Paying extra close attention to all of the details is just the natural thing to do. All of our clients are treated like family members. So let us cook from the heart just for you.

About Chef Felicia

Chef Felicia graduated from the prestigious  Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in 2010 with an Associates Of Applied Science degree in Culinary Arts. Chef Felicia decided to pursue a career in the culinary field because she’s always had a passion and love for it. She comes from a long list of talented chefs in her family. Chef Felicia grew up having the opportunity to experience food from across the world, and used to sit and watch her Mother and Grandmother put together amazing dishes. This is what peaked her interest in the art of cooking.

After completing her degree, Chef Felicia returned to Le Cordon Bleu and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Management in 2012. She decided to return back to school, because she’s always had the passion and desire to have her own business. Pursuing her second degree gave her the tools and confidence to branch out and introduce her creations to the world.

The Culinary field is a creative form of expression for Chef Felicia. From creating her menu items, to seeing the reactions on her clients faces when they experience joy from her creations. “Accomplishing a memorable special moment for our clients is what it’s all about,” says Chef Felicia.