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Working with Felicia was an extremely positive experience from start to finish. She is very professional on the phone and immediately inspires confidence in her ability to handle the job. She was prompt in her delivery and the food was scrumptious and has a unique blend of different tastes and spices. Use Food By Felicia with confidence!! You will not be disappointed!

Nancy C.

Felicia is very professional aside from being an Amazing Chef!!! I attended a Grand Opening event she catered at FloridaTile last week and it was wonderful. Not only the food but the staff and presentation were superb!!! Look forward to attending another event where Food By Felicia is catering.

Cheryle M.

Food by Felicia provided an amazing food service for me at the State Capitol building of Georgia . The guest could not stop talking about how much they all enjoyed the food and hospitality of this great company . I recommend this fantastic company over any other food service company in Georgia . You will not regret your decision.

John M.

From planning to execution, Food By Felicia handled all the details of our Grand Opening celebration with calm, confidence and creativity. The food, drinks and service were excellent! Felicia’s input from the selection of the musician, to the creation dishes and drinks made this our most successful and memorable Grand Opening.

Kevin B.

Food by Felicia will make any event memorable. Felicia is very professional, flexible, charismatic and knowledgeable of the latest food trends. Rest assured that you will/can feel less overwhelmed knowing that she is in charge or coordination. You can simply show up and be in awe of the results. Wonderful service with focus on the details. Food is mouth watering delicious!!!! You can’t help but indulge in a second helping. Everything is right with Food by Felicia

Vanessa H.

Amazing presentation! Delectable dishes seasoned to perfection! Great value! My event was a wonderful success with guests still raving about the Food by Felicia.

Cynthia N.

I LOVE Food by Felicia and I would recommend her to anyone. The last event that I went to that was catered by Chef Felicia was amazing….She made these finger sandwiches that consisted of Cucumbers topped with Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon and I had about 20 of them. Lol. They were just that good. Everything that was laid out was delicious, there’s nothing bad to say about this Chef or the food that she prepares. If you’re looking for an amazing Chef that brings amazing food and a beautiful scenery, Chef Felicia is the way to go!!!!!!

Adrienne F.

I’ve had Food By Felicia on several occasions. The food never ceases to amaze me! I would’ve never thought I’d try food I can’t pronounce and actually like it. Food By Felicia has opened my eyes and stomach. I recommend this company for any gatherings that want quality food at affordable prices. I’ll be calling them for my next event! Five out of five stars!

James F.

I have enjoyed Chef Felicia Mitchell’s creative, tasty cuisine for many years and am excited that she is bringing Food By Felicia to the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. At the events I have attended, Food By Felicia consistently has produced deeply flavorful, satisfying, and memorable dishes. (My favorite is Chef Mitchell’s macaroni and cheese!) Ultimately, Chef Mitchell combines a sophisticated, nuanced pallet — developed from years of formal and informal culinary training — with a deft, personal touch and an unwavering focus on the needs of her customers.

Jonathan N.

I would recommend this caterer to anyone who wants Incredible food with a presentation like none I have ever seen. Amazing!!

Tina M.

I had the pleasure of hiring “Food By Felicia” for a meet and greet I did. The entire experience was amazing. I was planning a wedding as well and had no Idea where to start with the meet and greet. Felicia created a menu of Tapas based on my overall idea, provided the decor, and even created a signature drink for my event. I literally did nothing. She was a pleasure thru the entire process! Her staff was professional and delightful. The food was delicious and her presentation was absolutely beautiful.It was a great event and I’m so happy I hired this company.I will definitely be using “Food By Felicia” again!

Yvonne M.

I needed to cater a birthday party long distance from Austin, TX. I received her quote, among others, through Thumbtack. A very helpful site. It was so hard to choose! I am so happy that I choose Food By Felicia. She is not only a wonderful person to work with, but very talented. From the start….personal attention, good communication, wonderful food item (I did finger foods) selections, and she works with you. Amazing food quality and presentation. Reliability. I felt very fortunate to have chosen Chef Felicia. If only she would move to Austin…. I don’t know if I will get another opportunity to hire her again, but I would highly recommend her!

Robin K.

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